BestGEDClasses Review

The GED® (General Education Development) program was initially established by the US War Department in 1940 to assist military personnel in getting additional education and work options.

These days, the GED high school equivalency test is used by tens of thousands of adults and gives them one more chance to become better educated and qualify for better jobs. In the US, there are roughly 40 million people who, for some reason, never finished high school, and the GED program is primarily designed for them.

There are paid and free online classes that help students prepare for the GED test.  Most students who just start preparing for the GED Test, use free online prep

One of the best websites offering information about the GED as well as free online classes is the website BestGEDClasses. org.

We took a closer look to discover why it’s so popular and how the program compares to other free GED prep websites.

This BestGEDClasses (BGC) website offers 112 lessons in Math, Science, Social Studies, and English Language. Students don’t need to create an account, they can just click on the subject and then follow the lesson plan. Every lesson has a mini-test that allows students to recognize their weak points.

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Universities and Colleges that Accept ASL as Foreign Language

American Sign Language

American Sign Language, or ASL, is a distinct and fully developed language that has, among others, its own unique grammar. ASL is distinct from English or any other foreign language and distinct from other sign systems as well, both foreign-based and English based-based.

During the past few decades, several states passed legislation to identify and recognize ASL as a distinct foreign language which enabled colleges, universities, and high schools to accept and implement the language as it, therefore, fulfills all foreign language requirements for deaf and hard hearing students.

American Sign Language is a visual/gestural language that is distinct from English or any other foreign spoken language. ASL is also distinct from any other sign languages used in different countries, and the language is distinct from any other English language-based sign system used in America, e.g. English manually coded systems.

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Is American Sign Language (ASL) A Foreign Language?

ASL stands for American Sign Language. ASL is a fully developed and distinct language with its own one-of-a-kind grammar. The language is distinct from the English Language and also is distinct from sign systems, both English-based and foreign-based.

During the past decades, ASL education has been experiencing increased enrollment because more and more individuals have become interested in learning the language. A growing number of universities and colleges are actually accepting ASL classes in foreign language requirements fulfillment.

This article’s purpose is to provide information and resources on American Sign Language to individuals who take an interest in studying the language, to persons who want to learn more interesting facts about ASL, and to people who already engaged in ASL education, either as a student or as a teacher.

We understand that the topic of American Sign Language has an inherent relationship with many subjects of Deaf culture and deafness, and this website provides primary information related to ASL itself, while it offers only very limited information about other issues that are surrounding the world of deafness.

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Student Loan Consolidation Rule

By taking the time to review everything that is involved with the student loan consolidation rule, it will become possible to get the necessary financial help to make paying off this type of debt much easier or those who are in need of a solution.

All across the country people are in thousands of dollars of debt and need to find a way out as soon as possible. One of the first and most important things to keep in mind about student loan consolidation is that it is only an option after the person completes their education in full and is not planning on returning for any other type of degree or certificate.

Private lenders are available for those who are interested in student loan consolidation. The interest rate which is associated with consolidation services varies from lender to lender, though the private ones tend to charge the least amount overall because of the competitive nature of this business.

These days millions of people are starting to look into consolidation as a possible solution to their financial responsibilities which can seem overwhelming at times.

Those who enter into an agreement for student loan consolidation with a private lender will need to make sure that they can make all payments on time or suffer the consequences if they do not.

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Study for MBA? What to Expect

MBA programs are expensive so it’s natural to question the value of this investment. Top MBA programs are very expensive, but on the other hand, you will find plenty of affordable programs, especially if you’re interested in studying online. Anyway, take a look at this video with a sample MBA class from a few years way back to get an idea:

Rejected Applicants Percentage

Every accredited MBA program is selective. Acceptance is mostly based on personality, GMAT score, GPA, and experience. This selectivity in acceptance tells us something about the school’s standards, but also about the students who apply.

There are schools that attract a huge number of applicants and maybe many of them are not well qualified. Then there are schools that maybe do not get that many, but better-qualified applicants. There are many factors that determine if a school is getting many applicants. Among others factors that are decisive is the reputation of the school, location, tuition, the assumed or perceived the quality of the school and its visibility.

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The GRE Test

The GRE® is used by Graduate Schools and Business Schools to assess a student’s skills and level of academic knowledge, and also measure his or her critical thinking competencies. The GRE test will provide students with more opportunities for academic achievement and success. The GRE exam is used much in the same way as the GMAT exam.

If you are considering to continue your education at graduate school or business school, or maybe haven’t yet decided what you want to do, you just need to take the GRE® General Test which is accepted by numerous business and graduate schools across the world. The GRE is a graduate-level admissions test that allows you to skip questions, go back and forth, change your answers, and tackle those questions first that you know the answer to.

The GRE General Test provides also the ScoreSelect® option. This allows you to take a GRE test over and over again, and you will be able to send only your best scores to your desired school(s), and don’t forget that your scores will be valid for five years! Yes, you have five years to see how you will use your scores. Now if you are aware of this possibility, you definitely will feel more at ease and confident on testing day. To get all set for the GRE, you can use ETS’ official test prep tools such as the mobile app and a prep program named ScoreItNow!™.

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The MCAT® (Medical College Admission Test®) is for students who want to pursue a career in the interesting world that the medical profession is.

It is a standardized exam that includes multiple-choice questions. The MCAT is developed to measure an applicant’s critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and to assess his or her knowledge of natural, social, and behavioral science principles and concepts. Taking the MCAT is a prerequisite to the study of medicine.

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Kaplan MCAT Review

The AAMC (Association of American Medical Colleges) has rolled out the first major alterations to the MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) in over 20 years.

Preparation through Kaplan will give you a clear idea of how these changes are impacting your learning efforts and your chances to get into medical school. Kaplan’s MCAT experts have developed a great way to get all set for the new MCAT and succeed in your objectives.

The MCAT is needed as we live in a society where lots of aspects of healthcare are changing. The changing roles of patients and physicians, of outpatient and inpatient treatment, of insurance & compensation, and of health maintenance and preventative care, have had such a massive impact on all aspects of healthcare that the MCAT had to adjusted to make physicians better prepared for their roles the modern-day and future healthcare system.

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Manhattan GMAT Prep Review

One of the leaders of GMAT prep in the U.S. is Manhattan GMAT. The company features a phenomenal 10-volume preparation set that includes volumes on Mathematics, Critical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, and Sentence Correction.

Be aware, though, that the Manhattan GMAT prep requires you to have basic knowledge and understanding of math. This is not for the beginner, and if you need a Math Foundations book, they have one but maybe Kaplan is a better option.

Though the MGMAT prep books are seen as a great help, many students will not be able to operate at the books’ level when they begin. Many students will need more support in math first, and others, more support in verbal skills. On the other GMAT subject fields, MGMAT’s foundation books are very useful.

Manhattan GMAT (MGMAT) has really set the standard when it comes to GMAT prep material in print, and the company’s 10-book set is perfect for students ready to get all set for the challenging GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test). Some refer to the MGMAT prep books as ‘the GMAT bible’. For students who are not ready to take a dive into the deep yet, MGMAT has published two books with foundational studies that precede the required high-level GMAT preparation.

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50 States Quiz 3

Choose the best answer.

1. Of which patriotic tune are the following lyrics part of?

….And I’m proud to be an AmericanWhere at least I know I’m freeAnd I won’t forget the men who diedWho gave that right to me….

Question 1 of 15

2. The movie ‘My Dog Skip’ has as main character eight-year-old Willie Morris. Willie finds in Dink Jenkins, his neighbor and an earlier high school sports stud, an unlikely friend. In the movie, Dink is leaving Yazoo, Mississippi, to take part in which war?

Question 2 of 15

3. Which of the following is the U.S. National Anthem?

Question 3 of 15

4. The line ‘My mamma said life is like a box of chocolates…. You never know whatcha gonna get’ is among the best lines ever made in a movie. From which movie is it?

Question 4 of 15

5. This song was recorded and composed by legendary Woody Guthrie, and it describes America’s valleys, highways, wheat fields, and deserts. What is the title of the song?

Question 5 of 15

6. Nicolas Cage was starring in a  2004 movie that highlighted many American historic locations, from D.C.’s Lincoln Memorial to the North Church in Boston. What is the name of the adventure movie?

Question 6 of 15

7. At the times of the Revolutionary War, this was a popular song among American troops. This is a part of the song’s refrain: ‘Stuck a feather in his cap, and called it macaroni’.  What is the song?

Question 7 of 15

8. There is a famous movie about a World War II baseball team in which the team’s manager says: ‘There’s no crying in baseball!’ What’s the name of that movie?

Question 8 of 15

9. Of how many words does the Pledge of Allegiance consist?

Question 9 of 15

10. We all have heard of a substitute teacher, but a substitute president…? In 1993, a movie came out in which Kevin Kline plays the role of a somebody who looks just like the U.S. president, and even might take over the function. What movie is that?

Question 10 of 15

11. Katharine Lee Bates wrote a song that’s frequently confused with ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’, America’s national anthem. Which song is that?

Question 11 of 15

12. In 1995, the movie ‘Apollo 13’ was released. It is about an event that occurred after President Kennedy called the nation to action in 1961 which spurred phenomenal advancements in the U.S. space program and consequently started the U.S. - Soviet Union Space Race. What space event is the movie about?

Question 12 of 15

13. There is a song that celebrates America’s national pastime. Which song is that?

Question 13 of 15

14. There is an anti-terrorist movie, released in 1997, that takes place in the skies. Fictitious U.S. President Marshall is becoming a here after he was first taken hostage. Which movie is this?

Question 14 of 15

15. There is a 24-note haunting military tune that was originally used at a day’s end, but currently can be heard frequently at funerals or memorials. What is the name of this elegant tune?

Question 15 of 15