Throw My Bed Away!

The title means just what it says, “Throw my bed away”! I’m never asleep so you might as well. My motivation is far too high to let time go by sleeping. After all, time is money, so I can’t waste it.

I have to be the one to follow my own advice, so I can show you people that hard work will take you distant places. Even if I wanted too, sleeping isn’t an option. The fact is my brain runs like a hamster wheel.

Excuse me if I am a workaholic but, I want to secure my financial independence at an early age. I figure if you’re going to construct your own business, it’s best to go at it hard while you’re young. Below are reasons you should give your work 100 percent.

Respect When you have an all or nothing work ethic people can’t help but, notice it. Your work will speak for itself. A true hard working ethic can’t go unnoticed for too long. People will notice you for the determination you put into what you do. All the long days & sleepless nights you put in the extra work will pay off. Do not for a second think it won’t pay off.

Respect is extremely hard to obtain. People don’t want to give you their respect. You have to earn a person’s admiration. By giving 100 percent everyday people will respect that quality. The product you promote can be trash but, people will still respect you if you worked hard on it.

I can speak from personal experience that all I want is for people to notice my work principles. It feels wonderful when people recognize you put hard work into your business. For me when people notice my hard work that is my natural high. It drives me to work even harder.

Self-Pride There is much that can be said about working hard when no one’s looking. People aren’t always going to be around to push you. It’s completely up to you to decide whether you’re giving it your all or not. You will develop pride in your work ethics. The pride you have will take you a long way. At first, no one is going to believe in you.

That is the way it always is though. Working hard day in and day out will give you that egotism in your work to keep going. You have to desire achievement for yourself because no one’s going to make it happen except you. When you drill that into your head and start giving 100 percent it will spark a flare in your community.

Someone will let you know they’re watching you if nobody else seems to be. All it takes is self-motivation and a passion. The pride will come when you know you’re truly leaving everything you have on the table.

Going Against the World In this world we live in there are thousands of people with the same dream as you. Everything you ever wanted they saw in a vision. People don’t want to see you succeed, not because they’re out to get you. Those people desire what you’re going after, and they want to beat you there.

If your fantasy is to become a professional athlete, there are a million other people working day after day to beat you. You can’t let another person want something more than you want it. If a person wants something more then you chances are they will work harder to achieve it. You are going up against the world, and I know it can be frightening.

The key is to follow your passion wanting it more than anyone else in your path. You might not be the most gifted person, but in my opinion, hard work beats talent any day of the week.

No Second Chance A very few people are lucky and get multiple chances at their goals. For most, that isn’t the case. Nine times out of ten you will only get one chance at your dream. Every day things happen to people I know that change their lives completely.

There are countless obstacles that could get in the way of you and your goals. This is exactly why you should give your work everything you have today, tomorrow, and the next day. Do not wait to start really putting in your maximum exertion. It might just be a little too late because situations change.

My older brother had many dreams I am sure. The day he got his wife pregnant those dreams didn’t change. There were just more important priorities that came in the way making his dreams take the back seat. I’m not saying he won’t ever reach his dreams because I believe he will someday. All I’m saying is you might only have one chance. The greatest advice I can give you is to take your work seriously.

Conclusion You should always give your work 100 percent. Not 50 percent or 70 percent, but nothing less than 100 percent. There isn’t a person who can stop you when you’re giving what you do everything you have.

There is no greater feeling than being perceived for your hard work. When no one pushes you, it’s time for you to push yourself. When no one believes in you, it’s time for you to believe in your own abilities. You’re capable of achieving great things if you really put your mind to them. The day you find what you love to do run after it until you can’t run anymore. Anybody can be anything they want, all it takes is dedication, hard work, persistence, and a dream.

Community Discussion Do you give your work everything you have or do you cut corners? You’re not doing yourself any good if you’re not giving your work everything you have. What are a couple things you could do to improve your work ethics? I would love to hear them because they might just apply to me too!

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