Hug a Friend Day

002-300x188Today is Hug a Friend Day. If you have school-aged children that aren’t pupils of a school that has banned hugging, your children might hug their friends every day. How often do you hug your friends?

The hugging itself isn’t the most important thing, obviously, but the act of treating our friendships and our children’s friendships with value and respect are important.
Parents and teachers worry a lot about peer pressure, and with good reason. Around middle school, our children tend to view what their friends think with more and more value, and we want those friendships to be “good influences.” Still, any parent who has referred to another child as an “influence,” good or bad, has most likely been met with an eye roll from their own child.… Read the rest

Increase your Productivity Tenfold with Three Energy Management Tips

I believe you can increase your productivity tenfold (yes, 10 times) if you can master your energy.

Do you think there’s enough time in the day?  My guess is that most of you would say no.  We must learn how to make the best use of our time and, more importantly, our energy.  In the Power of Full Engagement, Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz say that “energy, not time, is the most important resource.”  I completely agree.

The goal of this post is to give you a couple easy ways to increase your productivity by managing your energy the right way.

These three tips will help you rock your day:

1 – Manage your distractions

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Are You Seizing the Moment? Positive Thinking Tips

Opportunities, I mean the once in a lifetime opportunities, don’t come around very often. When that moment arises, you have to take it and run with it.  You can’t look back.

To seize your opportunity, you must:

  • Focus on one game at a time – You can’t get ahead of yourself.  You can’t look five steps, or five games, down the line.  Focus on the task at hand.  Then, execute like there’s nothing to lose.
  • Believe in yourself – You’re here for a reason.  This opportunity has come your way for a reason.  Believe that you deserve it.  It’s easy to second-guess yourself.  Stay determined and keep the faith.  Fake it if you must.
  • Be resilient – You’ll experience setbacks along the way and you just have to push through.  Take failures as learning experiences.  When you get knocked down,
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How to Execute Like a World-Class Athlete

I’m a sports nerd.  I love watching athletes execute, especially under pressure.  Whether it’s the Packers executing a crucial play in the Super Bowl or an individual doing something magical (Did you see Wayne Rooney’s bicycle kick – 78th minute to win 2-1).

Jordan hitting unconscious shots in key moments, or Tiger Woods draining a 20-foot putt on one leg at the 2008 US Open to send it to a playoff.  I’m always intrigued about what they’re thinking at this time.  Does time stand still?  Have they visualized this same play or putt?  How many times have they practiced this same shot?

When you break it down, it’s simply extreme preparation in action. These athletes aren’t renting their skills.  They own them.  A lot of times they make it look effortless. I watched Tiger Woods hit balls for about an … Read the rest