Here are 8 good reasons to obtain your MBA diploma online

I’m working as the educational consultant and often my friends ask me about MBA vs online MBA, I thought it’s a good topic for a blog so here it’s what I think.

Here are 8 good reasons to obtain your MBA diploma online:

1. Stay on the job
If you will earn your MBA online you will be able to keep on working and keep your income. You won’t have to leave your current position for two years and miss out on learning experience and pay. Additionally, you will be able to put into practice immediately the things you have learned.

2. You can stay where you live
You don’t need to relocate to obtain your MBA degree at the school of your choice. This will save you from the hassle and cost of moving.

3. Be more flexible
An … Read the rest

New Year, New You

There is always a big push around the New Year to make resolutions. Resolutions can be a wonderful thing, but they shouldn’t be based around a complete life change or overhaul, they should be based around smaller changes that often have a bigger impact.

Making too big of a goal often causes the goal to be completely disregarded when you’re not able to keep up with it. If you set a smaller, more obtainable goal, you’ll feel a true sense of accomplishment when you achieve it and often that will spill over into other accomplishments.

Looking for some ideas of ways to embrace the new year with a new attitude or new you? Here’s some of our ideas:

Make School a Priority
Bear with us on this one … we know you feel you do your best at school and … Read the rest

It’s Sad That You Need a Sign Like This


We went camping this weekend, which was lots of fun – it was the first time in my life we ever went camping WITHOUT mosquitoes! We didn’t miss them at all!

I was at the beach and playground with some kids by the lake when I noticed this sign here:

It made me laugh, but also kind of worried that they would NEED a sign that tells people not to go hunting on a playground!


One of my friends recently shared with me two things she saw on the front page of… Read the rest

Quit Smoking with the WordPress Support Group

Today is the first day of the rest of my life–as a non-smoker. Last week, I was puttering around wordpress-logo-stacked-rgb-1in the WordPress forums and came across the thread, “Who wants to quit smoking with me.” I hovered my mouse arrow over the title, contemplating the question. Do I want to quit? Yes. Do I need to quit? Yes. Am I ready to quit? Yes. Can I commit to quit? Um…yeah, maybe, no, yes. I clicked it.

It was mideavalmaiden, a blogging friend, and she was being reasonable. We can commit to “cut back in the near future.” It didn’t sound so bad. It was more of a plan to plan to quit smoking. I agreed.

Ach.… Read the rest

Your Key To Success: Dental Assistant Degree

The Dental assistant degree is your key to a successful future in the dental field. With a good outlook of dental assistant jobs, more people are adopting this career path. Getting a degree dental assistant will ensure that you have the desired skills and competencies to perform the job better than others.

Many colleges offer a 1-year program in dental assisting, entitling you to a diploma or a certificate. Most of the states require such certificates and diplomas as a requirement to work. However, if you wish to pursue a degree, a few colleges also offer 2-year associate’s degree as well.

When selecting a dental assisting school program, ensure it is accredited by the CDA (Commission on Dental Accreditation) of the American Dental Association. The program should teach front and back dental office skills performed by dental assistants, like dental … Read the rest

Greatest Military Blunders

I always loved watching the Greatest Military Blunders show on the History Channel, back in the day.  Even though I may have been 16; the show, as far as I was concerned, allowed me to analyze and expand my reasoning skills by learning how and why the leaders of the past made decisions, their decision’s outcome, and what could have been done differently in order to achieve success.

Sometimes this methodology of analysis had to be adverted when it came to the Enemy’s misfortunes during the wars of past.  Those misfortunes were analyzed not only on understanding what went wrong, but seeing how (if at all) the blunder was taken advantage of by the forces of general good.

In comes the Greatest Military Blunder of the 21st Century. An assessment of which is brought to you by the RAND Read the rest

Culinary School is HOT

If you have a taste for food and love cooking, maybe you want to attend culinary school to learn how to turn your passion into a life-long job. More people are choosing to attend a culinary school to learn the art and science of food preparation. See also this video about the Culinary Institute of America:

Furthermore, graduating from culinary school is the ticket to an exciting and fulfilling career for anyone who enjoys food preparation.

If you think that culinary art is confined to classic French cooking, think again. It covers every kind of food you could imagine eating. Even if you have a sweet tooth and want to bake cupcakes or cookies, there is a culinary school that is just right for learning everything you need to know about doing that.… Read the rest

How to Get Good Grades and Why it Matters

I know you’ve heard it before – “Get good grades.” But does anyone ever tell you HOW to get good grades? Or why it even matters? Let’s break it down. Way too many students undervalue the importance of doing well academically. I guess I can see why. Besides your parents and teachers nagging you, maybe you don’t feel a personal motivation for getting good grades. Let’s turn this around before it is too late. (scary, right?)

There are two secrets to getting good grades:

#1 Make academics your priority. It is easy to let so many other things take priority over your studies. Friends, activities, and Facebook often seem more fun than homework. But let’s face it, your friends won’t get you into college. And once you graduate high school, college is the best thing ever to happen to your … Read the rest

Automotive School Education

As the economy has improved, many companies are beginning to hire people with unique skills or certain trades. Therefore, if an individual wants to increase his or her chances of getting the job, he or she needs to be sure to have certain skills. As the economy improves, companies want the best and brightest, but they also want the people who will cost them the least amount of money.

The automotive industry really strives to produce great results at low costs. Therefore, many people have chosen to attend an automotive school to increase their chances of working in the automotive industry. The top two reasons in which people desire to go to automotive school are to get a job in the automotive industry or to someday open their own automotive shop.… Read the rest

Throw My Bed Away!

The title means just what it says, “Throw my bed away”! I’m never asleep so you might as well. My motivation is far too high to let time go by sleeping. After all, time is money, so I can’t waste it.

I have to be the one to follow my own advice, so I can show you people that hard work will take you distant places. Even if I wanted too, sleeping isn’t an option. The fact is my brain runs like a hamster wheel.

Excuse me if I am a workaholic but, I want to secure my financial independence at an early age. I figure if you’re going to construct your own business, it’s best to go at it hard while you’re young. Below are reasons you should give your work 100 percent.

Respect When you have an … Read the rest