What is Online GED?

The GED (General Education Development) program was initially established by the US War Department during the 1940’s to assist military personnel in getting additional education and work options.

These days, the GED program is used by tens of thousands of adults to give them a second chance to become better educated. In the US there are roughly 40 million people who, for some reason, never finished high school, and the GED program is primarily designed for them. One of the best sites offering information about the GED and free online classes is the website BestGEDClasses.org.

The GED exam cannot be taken online, although you can use many good and free internet sites to become well prepared online. If an organization offers the GED tests (or the diploma) over the internet, the organization is fraudulent. The 2014 series of the GED exam handles four tests in the subject fields of Language Arts (reading and writing combined), Math, Science and Social Studies. Most test centers administrate the exam over 3 mornings or evenings.

Completing the GED test successfully will give them more professional chances and will open doors of colleges, so they can work towards a brighter future. Annually, over half a million students earn their GED diploma and you could be one of them. Mind you that preparation is key. Check GED classes for places close to you where preparation classes are offered.

When you want to be taking the GED exam in the near future, you must be aware that recently some important modifications have been made to the GED test. The most significant change is that the series of four tests is now completely computer-based. You no longer need to worry about taking a ready supply of pencils with you. This article is a brief summary of the modifications that were made to the GED exam and what you can expect if you are taking GED classes and the GED test in your state.

The GED test has experienced its most significant redevelopment since it was launched in the 1940’s. Standards of the GED exam are higher in order to remain a reliable and a correct option to figure out a student’s competencies wanted by employers and required by colleges and universities. The test now includes four subject areas: Literacy or Language Arts (reading and writing combined), Science, Social Studies, and Math. The GED exam is offered both English and Spanish and must be taken in person at an official GED testing center. Please contact your local testing center, since available test languages, fees or schedules may vary. The GED exam cannot be taken online. A website that offers the GED exam or the diploma online, is false.

Here are the main changes the new GED has brought in: Candidates will need to answer the questions on a computer. This was initially thought to be too much for the much older candidates, but those fears are no longer valid. The pass rate so far has risen to 88% from the one that prevailed in the old system of 71%. So, evidently, most brilliant adults have become computer literate too and so changing from paperwork to a computer has not adversely affected them. The test has eliminated most multiple choice questions. The candidates will have to express themselves more in the exam. The questions in the new look are meant to test the candidate’s comprehensive understanding of an issue.

The GED test really isn’t difficult, and preparing for the test doesn’t have to take forever. Over half-million applicants pass the GED exam every year. Preparation is important. Check GED classes to find locations close to you that offer GED preparation classes. Please remember that the GED exam is not available online, you will need to show up at an official GED testing center. You can prepare online and we recommend the BestGEDClasses website for your online prep.