New Year, New You

There is always a big push around the New Year to make resolutions. Resolutions can be a wonderful thing, but they shouldn’t be based around a complete life change or overhaul, they should be based around smaller changes that often have a bigger impact.

Making too big of a goal often causes the goal to be completely disregarded when you’re not able to keep up with it. If you set a smaller, more obtainable goal, you’ll feel a true sense of accomplishment when you achieve it and often that will spill over into other accomplishments.

Looking for some ideas of ways to embrace the new year with a new attitude or new you? Here’s some of our ideas:

Make School a Priority
Bear with us on this one … we know you feel you do your best at school and you’re tired of being lectured about it … BUT if you give school everything you can you’ll notice some great payoffs.

First of all, your parents are typically more likely to let you do things and let you have more freedom if you do well at school! Good grades can also mean good rewards in some families, see if your parents would be open to some sort of reward system for good grades. The bottom line is your only “job” right now is school and you should be and focused on it as possible.

Count to Ten
It’s true your hormones are probably making you act in ways you don’t quite understand. Maybe you’re quick to fight with siblings, family members and sometimes even friends. Or, you find it hard to focus in class and feel ganged up on when teachers call you out. We’ve all been there, the trick is remaining calm, cool and composed! A little trick from us to you … count to ten!

Take a deep breath, and SLOWLY count from one to ten. With each number breathe again and let the air flow bring you back to center. Everything seems so much easier with a clear head and your parents, teachers, siblings and even friends will be able to cope with the situation so much better if you are able to remain calm.

Channel Your Inner Muse
We all have something we’re good at or that brings us pleasure. So whatever your passion is, find a way to channel it and harness it for use all year long. These outlets, creative, academic, physical or otherwise, are what keep us happy and from going insane so take advantage of them. Make time every day to do something you love.

This doesn’t mean you don’t do your homework or chores, you need to find a way to make all the pieces work. You can’t be selfish about it, but if you find a little window of time every day, or at least several times a week, to do something that makes YOU happy you’ll feel so much better.

And here’s one by my sister:

Overhaul Your Beauty Routine
First of all, go through your makeup and do a cleanup. If you’ve had a piece of makeup for 6 months or more you should probably toss it, especially if it’s been used. Products start to break down and can actually cause skin problems (like acne and blemishes) if they’re used too long. Ditch that mascara or eyeliner and buy a new one, it will be worth it!

Second of all, consider a less is more beauty routine. It’s so easy to get carried away when you’re applying your makeup, one dusting of face powder becomes two, three … and more as you become obsessed with perfection. It’s time to STOP that behavior.

Only apply one layer of face powder, or none at all, your skin needs the ability to breathe to stay healthy. And those “imperfections” you think you see, are usually not even noticeable to anyone else. Go for a more natural look, nude lips, light face makeup and next to no eye makeup and you’ll notice you feel and look so much fresher!