Is Your Personal Brand All About You?

Ah, the day of love and frillyness is upon us but before you run out of the office, or underground lair in my case, to make those dinner reservations I want to take a second and reflect on your business, particularly if you’re building a brand around yourself. Are you giving your customers enough love, or is your brand all about you? When you’re on Twitter are you talking about you, or talking to them, when you talk about online learning is it about your experience or benefits for them? Are your blog posts lectures that show off your genius, or are they helpful and genuine? It’s a fine line, but one worth considering.

You And Your Brand Are Still Here For Them

I’m here for you, cliche as that sounds. My business exists to help you make building your business’s online presence easier. I do my best to make sure that every blog post is aimed at delivering true value to you. Every blog post helps you further your brand, clarify your marketing strategy, monetize your passions and seek a little more freedom out your professional life. To my readers, that’s “value.” Here it’s not the throw-away, corporate-speak version of “value.” Here it means every blog post actively aims at furthering your goals.

So Share With The Class

So now I want to hear from all of you. I’ve shared my approach to providing value to my audience and customers, but I want to hear yours. What love are you showing your audience and how are you doing it? What does value mean to them and how do you provide it consistently? Leave a comment below and tell us all about your customer-centric brand.

Revenge of Innovation: Are You Losing Customers By Being Good At What You Do?

The other day I stopped using Aweber to send my newsletter because they’re pretty good at what they do. Yeah, you read it right. I’m no longer an Aweber customer because they’re good at what they do. Good — not great, not mind blowing, not write home to mom about — just good. Are you losing customers, readers, and subscribers because you’re good at what you do?

A Love Gone Cold

We’ve talked in the previous two posts about what it means to build a following within an established tribe or market. But we haven’t touched on how to keep them coming back. That’s where I think my experiences with Aweber are a perfect example of how real innovation can keep your tribe hungry for more and fiercely brand loyal. And how a lack of it loses customers. And let me be clear: I’m not here to bash Aweber, I’ve never had a problem with them. I’ve been with Aweber for 3 years or so and I’ve been content every day of that time, but they haven’t wowed me once in those 3 years. After years of same-old-same-old, our relationship as customer and provider felt stale and I started to wonder what else was out there.

Your Tribe Doesn’t Need Another Hero

Yesterday we talked about how to captivate an audience by building a tribe, what it meant to build a tribe and why tribes don’t need or want leaders. Today we’re going to delve into the first of the two steps for captivating your audience: building a sense of community. We, the tribes, don’t need another hero. We’re not interested in leaders who direct our paths. What we really want are fellow tribe members willing to play with boundaries and report their findings back to us.

We want one of our own.

Ever been friends with the guy in the office who gets promoted and becomes your boss? Yesterday he was one of you, but now he’s one of “them.” Suddenly he doesn’t share your woes and cares. Suddenly his ideas aren’t yours, they belong to a totally unfamiliar tribe. Now he “leads” your tribe from the outside. He directs it, but he does not improve it. He can’t improve it because he no longer understands what it means to be a part of it. Compare that to the industry leaders you and I follow and look up to…

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