Everybody needs gas.

paulfoley-gasstation-600x300In America, everybody needs gas. Around the world, humans pay a higher price for gas than Americans, so there’s no surprise that the Europeans, who pay the highest, aren’t very sympathetic to our plight here in the States.

But the fact is, the geographical and societal dynamics are hugely different, there can be no comparison between the needs of the Europeans and us Americans.

Some would argue that it should be America’s goal to decrease its needs and therein the prices won’t hurt the pockets as much. This is a good long-term goal, however, it may be achieved, but solutions need to be found in the short term because in the short term gas prices are rising quicker then the citizen’s finance’s will allow.

They, rightly so, may not be able to afford a car that has above 50 mpg whenever such inventions come to fruition in the future, and by no means of sanity will a citizen move closer to their place of work, which, with the current market, may not be a choice for the majority. No, solutions need to be found to alleviate the problem in the short term.

Gas prices are set via the exchange markets in New York. Oil Traders, regular human beings, buy up or sell barrels of crude oil. Their basis for buying up oil, besides pure greed, is that certain negative societal or environmental effects on the flow of oil from the ground to the station could harm the supply of oil which could raise the price of oil, which would cut into their profits IF they didn’t raise the prices on a barrel of oil before the negative societal or environmental effects harmed the supply of oil and raised the prices. You see?

This arcane way of setting prices is hurting the 300 million citizens of the America, and helping the couple hundred or couple thousand oil traders and oil company CEO’s around the world, not to mention the dictatorships of Saudi Arabia and Venezuela.

There is no justification for why oil prices are set by an exchange, the free market for oil is obviously not helping the people and it’s not creating competition that creates new technology that in theory would help the people – and here’s why that theory doesn’t work, because my car gets 32 mpg, and in 2016!!! ! !! ! the law requires cars to have around 30 mpg, well great, I’m sure that’ll help…


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