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I think what we are seeing in the economy today is a case of localized depressions again, whilst keeping in mind a depression is a severe recession.  There are many factors that influence the entire economy on a whole like higher prices on staple items of the American household, of which are felt by all Americans, but there are localized factors that specifically affect a community or neighborhood whose residents are tied together by either their personal wealth or ‘area of work,’ and these localized factors expound the problems of said localities.

On a whole Americans may, in the interim at least, be able to deal with the increased economic hardships but if one were to look specifically community by community they would see a great difference in each communities ability to deal with those economic hardships. 

Let’s take one example of just a few years back:  One community, whose residents largely earn greater than $70,000, and live in a 4+ bedroom house with 1 or more kids with both parents working – can largely afford the cost increases as well as bill payments.  However take a look at another community, whose residents largely earn greater than $25,000, with the same familial standard and only one parent works.  Both communities are largely white.

The first community doesn’t suffer from foreclosures on houses within the community, they have a stable job supply of usually engineers, scientists, accountants, and other white collar jobs.  The second community has many foreclosures, bringing down the home prices on homes that were already cheaply priced compared to home prices in the first community.

The job makeup of the second community is largely blue-collar work, of which job creation has declined over time.  Because of the devaluation of assets (homes) in the area, and the lack of higher paying jobs in order to keep up with higher itemized prices the people of the second community may, in the long term, not be able to deal with the economic realities of day to day living.

Unfortunately, the political realities don’t look at this widespread community based economic decline.  A hardship that actually knows no bounds of race or culture, but equally effects the middle of America as it does those city dwellers.

The second community would be facing a depression, where the first community may be dealing with a recession but nothing they couldn’t pass.

Question Regarding the Great Black Expanse

No, I am not talking about African Americans (or any derivative thereof), rather I am talking about Space.  A recently graduated engineer, John Benac working for Boeing in Seattle, found out that one could submit questions for the upcoming CNN Debates.  He saw it as an opportunity for engineers everywhere to have their voices heard (why he didn’t think of it before, when viewers could submit a question to anyone of the previous debates, is unknown).

He drew up an open letter and forwarded it to as many of his colleagues as he could.  The call for submitting questions to the debate spread, by the great power of the Internets, to the Mars Society Website and

The great science and engineering complex (likened and more or less coupled to the military-industrial complex) that we have built up in the United States, stifles innovation and forward thinking.  For example, the only reason we are planning to have a moon base is so that we can give more money to the Lockheed Martins, Northrop Grummans, and Boeings of the country to go out and create a product that will likely be overrun in costs, be expensive to reproduce, and probably has more problems then our much fabled Britney Spears.

There is absolutely no scientific reason the country should have a moon base, save the passing chance a future moonwalker steps on a moon rock that eventually leads to the explanation of how the Moon was created, which by itself would benefit humanity about .0%.

Furthermore, because we have already gone to the moon and spent the present-day equivalent of hundreds of billions of dollars on space exploration over the past few decades, we now have either directly or indirectly technology that we use in our everyday lives.  Everything from cell phones, to the Internet, to clothing fabrics, to medicinal compounds, to metallic compounds – it was all a result of the innovation, research, and inspiration that came out of the Last (and hopefully not final) Space Age.

Inspiration could probably be attributed to having the greatest indirect impact on our lives.  By aiming our countries giant arm at space and the celestial events of not only our planet but all bodies in the universe millions of children were inspired to achieve greatness in either the engineering or science fields.

In recent years even with increasing innovation and technological breakthroughs, the younger generation cannot look to the same places from which those 40 yr. old something engineers and scientist looked to, to give us the products that we have today.  The simple fact is, that today some of the greatest leaps and bounds in science and engineering come from those who may have been inspired or grew up in the Last Space Age.

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