Choosing A University

I am finding it difficult to blog about such things as the new cell phone or piece of technology on the block, or which politician has screwed up the most, especially by today, at the end of the week.

Which is not to say that I don’t blog about all those things and more, I do, in fact, that’s pretty much the majority of what I do.  But, difficult it is.  Difficult it is when the world is spinning and you’re in for the ride, whether you like it or not.

I’ve come home for summer, home being Southern California, school being somewhere else.  When Fall comes around I don’t know which university I’ll be attending or where (I’m in the process of transferring) so that’s always stressful, figuring out such.

I planned to get an MBA degree after I finished college, but I’m sick of student loans, so I found some information about more affordable MBA programs from main universities. The MBA degree is a thing I have always dreamed of. But now that I’ve come home from three years in the Northern part of California, there’s a lot of stuff one has to think about, right school is one of them.

Summers are hot down here in Southern California, energy bills are high, gas prices are high, food prices are high, and work is ever more prevalent (for some reason that seems to be the case, and here I was thinking I was on summer vacation).  And then there are the little things.

The heat doesn’t play well on my laptop.  Without proper airflow in our upstairs office area from two nearby adjacent rooms, the office area heats up quite nicely, which makes the little cooling pad underneath my laptop (a Dell 9300, notorious for it’s overheating) pretty pitiful in the wake of all the heat accumulating in the innards of my laptop.

All this overheating causes my computer performance to come to a crawl, which is probably not a good thing because it means my CPU is being physically damaged.  On top of all that nonsense, my laptop screen has this thick white vertical stripe right in the middle of it, which I am sure is due to the wiring on the inside melting due to the overheating of the screen.  Never had to deal with all this up North…

Then there’s work, getting by the heat in a heated life, taking care of needful and needless tasks.  Summer school classes at the local community college should not be left out of my whining loop.

There are things one wants to do, there are things one needs to do, and then there are things one is told to believe need to be done.  The latter of which I find myself digging my way into, a grave I’m sure most people are digging for themselves, no doubt.

Above all else, the overwhelming degree to which ideas and thoughts swim through my mind, if not flood its entire canvas is by far, distracting.  In one instance I will have excitedly exercised the precepts of thought to form a concise, accurate, and damn good opinion or theory only to have my mind washed over by new thoughts and ideas by the next day.  Leaving myself a new canvas to plunder.  Aye…

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