Are There Recession-Proof Degrees?

Choosing a college degree and a career path is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make. But with the repeated economic downturns we’ve faced in the last few years, many companies have downsized to stay afloat and given pink slips to thousands of otherwise qualified workers. So if you’re thinking of picking up a degree to make you more attractive to employers, consider a line of work that won’t disappear with the next market slump.

Jobs Always In Demand

In general, think of goods and services that people are less likely to cut when their finances are hurting. For example, many consumers reduce their spending on luxury items and non-essentials when their paychecks take a hit. But they are less likely to cut back on goods and services that are basic to their survival and livelihood. Consider some of … Read the rest

Culinary School is HOT

If you have a taste for food and love cooking, maybe you want to attend culinary school to learn how to turn your passion into a life-long job. More people are choosing to attend a culinary school to learn the art and science of food preparation. See also this video about the Culinary Institute of America:

Furthermore, graduating from culinary school is the ticket to an exciting and fulfilling career for anyone who enjoys food preparation.

If you think that culinary art is confined to classic French cooking, think again. It covers every kind of food you could imagine eating. Even if you have a sweet tooth and want to bake cupcakes or cookies, there is a culinary school that is just right for learning everything you need to know about doing that.… Read the rest

Automotive School Education

As the economy has improved, many companies are beginning to hire people with unique skills or certain trades. Therefore, if an individual wants to increase his or her chances of getting the job, he or she needs to be sure to have certain skills. As the economy improves, companies want the best and brightest, but they also want the people who will cost them the least amount of money.

The automotive industry really strives to produce great results at low costs. Therefore, many people have chosen to attend an automotive school to increase their chances of working in the automotive industry. The top two reasons in which people desire to go to automotive school are to get a job in the automotive industry or to someday open their own automotive shop.… Read the rest

Welding Schools in America

Graduating from welding school can lead to a lucrative and stable life-long career. Often students are not aware of all the different jobs available in the welding industry. Attending welding school allows people to learn about and explore the various career options in the field. Just take a look at this Kentucky Welding Institute video:

Welding is also referred to as fabrication. Originally, the only material that was welded was metal. Moreover, the only welding technique up until the 19th century was something called forge welding. That was the type of welding used by blacksmiths. They heated the materials and then hammered them on an anvil to join iron and steel together.

The process of welding now usually involves joining materials by melting the pieces being worked on while adding a filler material. That results in a pool of melted … Read the rest

Schools can’t make up for poor parenting. Period.

The public-relations deck sure is stacked against the public schools. Whenever the subject of poor academic achievement is discussed, nine times out of ten the discussion assumes that the root of the problem is the schools—the teachers, schools administrators, district administrators, or state officials.

Some kids take to school work and homework like second nature. Some kids need a gentle nudge, especially in the early years of grade school. And with other kids, a parent (or someone at home) needs to round ’em up, sit ’em down, and help with the homework sheet by sheet or it’s not going to get done. It’s in these years that good study habits are formed. Bad study habits take a lot of work to undo. Nowadays, online education help students get back on track but parenting skills are hard to replace.

So what … Read the rest

Navy Teaches Deaf Students

Final adjustments are made; the safety harness and tending line are secured; the diver lowers himself into a hole cut through the ice. The water is 28 degrees F, one degree above the temperature at which salt water freezes. Another diver is already under the ice, video camera in hand. On the ice, researchers prepare to begin the experiment; one holds a cell phone, his back to the wind. Class is in session.

Research divers from the Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC), Newport, RI are working with the Army’s Cold Regions Research and Engineering Lab (CRREL) in Lyme, NH to test a prototype radio communications antenna that someday may accompany submarines operating in the Arctic.… Read the rest

What is Online GED?

The GED (General Education Development) program was initially established by the US War Department during the 1940’s to assist military personnel in getting additional education and work options.

These days, the GED program is used by tens of thousands of adults to give them a second chance to become better educated. In the US there are roughly 40 million people who, for some reason, never finished high school, and the GED program is primarily designed for them. One of the best sites offering information about the GED and free online classes is the website

The GED exam cannot be taken online, although you can use many good and free internet sites to become well prepared online. If an organization offers the GED tests (or the diploma) over the internet, the organization is fraudulent. The 2014 series of the GED … Read the rest

Social Media For A New Startup

When you launch a new website for a new business or a startup you might have a lot of questions, and it can be overwhelming when you’re getting involved with social media.  There is so much information out there, some good, some bad and some just downright stupid; it’s often hard to determine what will actually work for you.

It’s important to do your own research and speak to the experts that can give you accurate and proven strategies to launch your social media campaign.

Usually, offerings include 3 “products”, or steps:

The 1st step with any marketing/social media campaign is research.  You need to speak to your target audience and ask them a whole host of questions to find out their interests, motivations, aspirations, and hopes.  You can then leverage this knowledge and incorporate it into your marketing.

Find … Read the rest

Would You Cut Up Your Credit Cards?

So I’m very fortunate in that I’m about to pay off all of my credit card debt. This will leave me with student loans and a mortgage (possibly a car payment in the future but that’s another post).

There are a lot of frugalistas who shout cut up your credit cards, but it’s a debate here. Many who advise cutting up credit cards say it’s so you don’t go into debt again. There’s a part of me that believes that if you are capable of going into debt again, you will find a way. I don’t think having a credit card will make the difference, it just makes it more convenient.

I do like credit cards for the fact that it puts a barrier between my bank accountant and most of my bills. For example, I do automatic bill pay … Read the rest

Here are 8 good reasons to obtain your MBA diploma online

I’m working as the educational consultant and often my friends ask me about MBA vs online MBA, I thought it’s a good topic for a blog so here it’s what I think.

Here are 8 good reasons to obtain your MBA diploma online:

1. Stay on the job
If you will earn your MBA online you will be able to keep on working and keep your income. You won’t have to leave your current position for two years and miss out on learning experience and pay. Additionally, you will be able to put into practice immediately the things you have learned.

2. You can stay where you live
You don’t need to relocate to obtain your MBA degree at the school of your choice. This will save you from the hassle and cost of moving.

3. Be more flexible
An … Read the rest